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About Brazil


Brazil currently is one of the most attractive foreign investment destinations.
While the world´s average economic growth has remained either negative or
close to zero since the outbreak of the 2008 financial crisis, Brazil´s GDP
growth reached 7.5% in 2010, the highest score since 1986.

  • 8.3 million square kilometers
  • 191 million inhabitants
  • Robust democracy
  • 2nd largest ATM market
  • 3rd largest market for computers, beauty and healthcare products
  • 3rd largest commercial aircraft producer and top producer of models with up to 120 seats
  • 4th largest market for mobile phones, motor vehicles and TVs
  • 5th largest market for medical equipment
  • An average of 12,000 PhD and 41,000 Master´s degrees are annually granted by Brazilian universities
  • 75,000 new scholarships to be granted until 2014, enabling Brazilian students to study abroad
  • Brazil concentrates 75% of all R&D investments in Latin America
  • 31 operating tech parks
  • 89.9% of the Brazilian energy comes from renewable sources
  • Ranks 13th in scientific research worldwide
  • Home of the world’s greatest biodiversity
  • World benchmark in the production of biofuels
  • Host of the 2014 World Cup and the 2016 Olympic Games