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The cost of what happens from the day you land in Latin America and your first order is usually unknown and very high. For a fraction let us take the guess work out of the equation. We start with a viability analysis and a pre-plan (30 to 90 days depending on your product), upon your approval we go on and develop a full go-to-market plan and we will stay with you through implementation.

Sales & Marketing

You need the right team and the right strategy from day one. Trial and error is an expensive and painful process. We are here for you. With years of experience selling in Latin America we have the right team waiting for you.

Product Localization

How to make your product appeal to the local consumer? What does your name means in the local language? How do you present you marketing collaterals? You know is not just translation. We make sure your product reaches your partners, distributors and consumers at its maximum potential.

Technology Sourcing

We maintain a small group of programmers in Uruguay ready to tackle your development needs, code localization and project management.


Latin America offers a wide array of manufacturers that are competitive in price, culturally oriented to quality and highly specialized in different categories. From fashion to heavy machinery, we can get you in front of great manufacturers for your products.

Legal Compliance

Understanding the legal requirements to stay compliant can be a daunting and expensive process. We work with a network of well-known and extensively tested local Law Firms that understand the requirements of multinational corporations and the complexities involved when dealing with foreign companies.


Who is the right partner for you is not a decision to be taken lightly. Knowing the background of companies that will carry and be associated with your name and making sure you end up with a relationship that will last for years and be beneficial is at the core of what we do.

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Why Us?

  1. Your business is our business, we put our skin in the game. Our retainers and fees are designed to be the absolute possible minimum to cover expenses, we structure our assignments around success fees.
  2. We have decades of experience doing business in LATAM and are HIGHLY specialized in Brazil where more than anywhere else in Latin America, local knowledge can be the key factor between failure and success.
  3. We know the right people. We have a very extensive and well tested network of partners, distributors, VAR’s, Reps, Law firms, Accounting firms, Brokers, Manufacturers, Developers and every possible asset needed to start you up the right way.


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