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The cost of what happens from the day you land in Latin America and your first order is usually unknown and very high. You need the right team and the right strategy from day one.


The smart report

The first critical question

When you are planning to enter, a new market there is a first and critical question that will affect outcomes down the road. Simply put, should I enter this market now? You must be confident that your decision is based on hard data and facts. It is also important to have that assessed by experienced local people in order to highlight hidden opportunities as well as those subtle yet decisive elements that turns a potential problem into a winning situation.

In these projects, time to market plays a crucial role. A great opportunity may turn into a missed one if you take too long to decide. You need solid, fast and accurate information delivered in a way that will maximize your decision-making process and success factors.

For that reason, we developed a Smart Report to support you with all relevant data and strategic insights as well as our recommendation. All delivered in a timely manner by a team of seasoned consultants.

  • Market structure
  • Competitive landscape
  • Key players
  • Product offering
  • Pricing positioning
  • Key clients
  • Industry legal framework
  • Main trends
  • Strategic recommendation

In 4 to 6 weeks, you will have all information needed to hold an effective debate and decide whether to go ahead with your project in Latam. It may be a greenfield initiative, the acquisition of a market player, a merger or the expansion of an existing company to other Latam markets.

The road

To market plan

Once you commit to enter a given market, we can help you plan and decide the best entry strategy and all resulting steps. Flawless execution of each phase is critical to maximize your odds of succeeding in the challenging and distinct economies of Latin America.

There are different options to enter the Latam market. Many aspects must be taken into account such as your human and financial resources, company strategic goals, acceptable risks, windows of opportunity, technology and so on. Establishing the best course of action is of major importance.

Brazil for example is a huge economy and it may make sense to start organically on a regional level and then grow. However, it may also be a sensible decision to acquire a local player and go straight ahead to conquer the whole market. We will consider all aspects of your company and the market structure to give you a detailed step-by-step implementation road map complete with a profit and loss statement.

All information previously gathered on the Smart Report will be thoroughly refined and probed to build a sound and unique market entry strategy. Sales, marketing, technology, sourcing, compliance and all relevant elements of the plan will be analyzed. We can go as far as providing a comprehensive market map, block by block, indicating the best site location using Big Data.

This phase will usually take 6 to 10 weeks depending on your requirements and number of markets you plan to enter or expand.

The implementation support

Finding the best partners in region

Hiring the right professionals and companies are paramount to success. People make all the difference. You need to work with knowledgeable, talented and trustworthy partners.

We help you source and assess a wide range of suppliers from lawyers and accountants to public relations, advertising agencies, trade marketing and search firms. Our extensive network in the region will assure that you will have the best talented people working for you and not necessarily having to pay for brand names.
As part of the Implementation Support service, we work closely with your executives both in the region and in the headquarters to establish goals for each business partner and metrics to control their performance.

Interim Management

Top executives helping to bridge a gap

Sometimes it makes sense to have a proven heavyweight and experienced executive to lead the company through a transition. Someone with industry expertise, regional knowledge and seniority to push the company agenda. Some industries in Latam operates in a stricter environment, whereas other are greatly relationship oriented. We can help you find the right person to implement a strategic project or manage through unexpected turbulent times. Tapping into our extensive C-level network, we will find the person with the right credentials and authority to grow your business and mitigate risks.


Jorge Dib

Managing Director

Mr. Dib has more than 30 years’ experience as a consultant, senior executive, entrepreneur and early stage company investor.

As a Senior Marketing and Worldwide Sales Executive, Mr. Dib had significant success in defining and implementing sales and business transformation strategies in some of the top 100 Global Companies such as Google, Experian, Sodexo, Michelin among others.

During his days at Google, Mr. Dib managed Travel and Media & Entertainment leveraging on his extensive network to establish relationships with large and complex strategic accounts. He supported Google accelerated growth as an official corporate spokesperson and evangelist throughout Latin America.

As the chief marketing and sales officer of Serasa Experian in Latin America, Mr. Dib led a team of 1000 people to implement his newly designed market strategy based on a vertical approach growing revenues by double digit year after year.

Mr. Dib held CSMO positions in other leading multinational companies like Sodexo and Michelin Group (Sascar, a tech subsidiary) as well as regional top performing companies like RBS Group, a leading media conglomerate.

He is currently a committee board member at Verus Group, an early stage company’s investment group.

Mr. Dib holds a Master of Science in Business from UFRGS, Brazil and a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from PUCRS, Brazil. He also has post-graduate courses in strategy, business, finance and marketing at Harvard, Wharton and London Business School.

Felipe Guarnieri


Mr. Guarnieri has over 16 years of experience in global management firms (Monitor Group and Integration) and executive positions in companies like Serasa Experian and Telefonica.

Throughout his career has developed and led projects in Financial services; TIME (telecommunications, information, media & entertainment), Agribusiness (sugarcane and wheat mills); Energy; Oil & Gas and chemical; Mining and Metals; and Consumer goods.

With a solid background in business and finance Mr. Guarnieri´s expertise comprises corporate strategy and finance as well as restructuring and operational organizational improvement.

He has a bachelor degree in Business Administration at FGV-EAESP (part of the course held at University of Texas at Austin). He also holds a post-graduate degree in Business at Fundação Dom Cabral and in Merger & Acquisitin at FGV-EAESP.

John Lin

Corresponding Partner Asia

John Lin has more 25 years of professional experience in FMCG (cosmetics, personal care, food and beverage and pharmaceutical) and Management Consultant industries, as well as an entrepreneurial experience in private equity and broad international experience.

He’s currently Managing Partner of EBDS Consulting Pte Ltd, a strategic consulting firm and investor in tech start-ups and consumer and real estate initiatives. Up to July 2016 he was interim director for BRF – Brazilian Foods in China and Hong Kong, where he structured the B2C operation to offer branded food products to both retail and foodservice channels.

Prior to BRF, John was the VP and General Manager of Avon China and of Avon Canada. He was also the VP of strategy and business development for Avon Latin America, from 2003 to 2008, where, among the various initiatives, he led the buy-out of the Colombian operation from a local distributor.

From 2008 to 2010 he was managing director of Fama Private Equity, a Brazilian private equity fund focused on small to mid local companies, looking for capital and management expertise to improve and grow their operations.

From 1990 to 2000 John worked for P&G in Brazil, Latin America and Asia, where he hold positions of increasing responsibilities in Supply Chain/Logistics, Planning, Sales and Marketing. He also worked for 6 years with Andersen Consulting/Accenture.

John also served on the Board of Directors of Brookfield Residential Properties and M. Dias Branco, both market leaders in its industry in Brazil and as member of the Advisory Board of Arizona (a leading Brazilian digital pre and post-media services) and Dermage (a leading Brazilian skin care brand).

John holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering from Escola Politécnica da USP and attended the Advanced Management Program from Wharton. He is fluent in Portuguese, English, Spanish and Mandarin and is currently based in Shanghai, China.